BEST Bark Collar for Small Dogs!

Hi, and welcome to my site. If you are shopping for the best bark collar for small dogs, then continue reading this page as I have reviewed the best bark collars on the market.

BTW I have only ever owned smaller sized dogs. This is why I have written this guide and created this site for small sized dogs! Bark collars are not recommended for really young dogs. here is a quick guide on how to stop a puppy barking.

What Exactly is a Bark Collar?

The are a few variations of the collar, but the main goal of the collar is to teach your dog when NOT to bark.

Depending on the type of bark collar, will depend on the way that it achieves this.

Why would you need a bark collar?

dog with bark collarBarking is a normal activity for a dog, it’s how they communicate. Sometimes though some dogs can bark and bark and bark….

Read this page to find out what causes dogs to bark?

It can be annoying for you, it can also be annoying for your neighbours. This can be a problem if your dog is outside more than he/she is inside. Building relationships with neighbours can be very important. You may never know when you may need a favour. A constantly barking dog can affect this, especially if you choose to do nothing.

Types of Bark Collar?

There are four types of Bark Collar. Static shock, vibrating, spray and ultrasonic.

Static Shock collar:

These bark Collars are the most common and most popular. They send a static shock through the collar when the sensor is triggered by the dog wearing the collar barks.

Vibrating collar:

When they sensor has triggered these types of Bark collar vibrate. They send an uninterrupted vibrating pulse sensation through the collar.

Spray collar:

Dogs hate citronella, these particular collars work buy spraying citronella in the dogs face. Like the other collars, they will have sensors to sense when the dog is barking.

Ultrasonic Collar:

When they sensor is triggered, the collar sounds an ultrasonic pulse which only the dog can hear.  Dogs have far better hearing than humans, which means this ultrasonic noise can only be heard by dogs.

There are different types of sensors which should I look for?

Bark collars come in different shapes and sizes. There are also three different types of sensors that set the bark collar off. The three types are sound, vibration & Dual (a combination of sound and vibration).

Sound Microphone Sensor:

Generally, the sound sensors are the worst. It uses a microphone which is in the collar and when it hears a sound at a specific decibel it triggers the collar. The downside to this sensor is that if your dog was to come across another load sounding noise. Say for example another dog that’s barking, your dog wearing the collar would get punished.

Vibrating Sensor:

The vibrating sensor, senses vibrations in your dogs vocal chords. This automatically eradicates the chance of the collar going off by loud noises or false alarms. For this collar to work efficiently, it must be well fitted.  The only downside to this collar is that it is possible the sensor could be triggered if your dog was to bump into something.

Dual Sensor:

Out of the three options, the dual is by far the best choice sensor.  the collar has two sensors the microphone and the vibration from the vocal chords. For the bark collar to be triggered both sensors need to be triggered.  the downside to these particular collars is that they could potentially miss a bark. But overall i prefer these as there is almost no chance the collar will go off accidentally.

Best Bark collar for small dogs

Right so now we have gone through the different types of bark collar and what to look for. Below I’ve chosen the best four bark collars, categorized between best shock, vibrating, spray and ultrasonic.

Best Shock collar:

Peton Dog Training Collar with Remote

A friend of mine bought the Peton dog training collar and he couldn’t believe how effective it was. It’s perfect for small dogs as this collar fits a treat. My friend owns a micro poodle, he bought the collar 4 weeks ago and before the training, his used to go barking crazy.

4 weeks later the house is super quiet and his dog no longer wears the collar. Talk about fast learning. One fear he did have was that the dog would be so quiet, he wouldn’t know where he was. The Peton Dog Training Collar allows your dog to bark and growl but at a respectable level.


Best Bark collar for small dogs