How to Stop Dog Barking at the Door

How to Stop Dog Barking at the Door

How to Stop Dog Barking at the DoorFor most people a knock at the door can be a pleasant surprise, maybe a friend you haven’t seen for a while. For a lot of dog owners though, a knock at the door or a ring of the door bell, can turn your dog barking mad. for this reason, you may be asking yourself “How to Stop Dog Barking at the Door”. Before we answer that though you need to understand why your dog is acting this way when the door knocks.

Why do dogs bark at the door?

  • Interruption: It’s a change to the status quo, they home was relaxing, calm and then suddenly a loud noise. The dog could have been sleeping and rudely awoken.
  • Letting the owner know: It might be the simple fact that your dog is letting you know that someone is at the door. A dog can quickly associate that after the door knocks or rings, what happens next is that someone enters the door. He/she is letting you know that there is a stranger about to enter.
  • Curiosity: Your dog is genuinely just curious, the door bell rings. Its something new, he/she wants to see whats there.
  • Fear: Some dogs just want to let you know that they are scared of the door bell/knock. When someone is at the door your dog associates this with the unknown. It could be something dangerous?!

How to stop dog barking at the door?


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